Your experience with our product on dirt, concrete or anywhere in-between is of the utmost importance to us. That product experience should also mimic your experience when perusing the finest Grade 5, 100% certified titanium in the RC business . So, we've launched this site with more content, easier navigation and more vibrant images to better capture your attention and our commitment to you. 

If you already have a vehicle and your looking to outfit it, you can shop by brand. If you're looking to upgrade slowly, have a custom build, or working on a project that requires just a few items, we sell everything a la carte as well. Use the filter to fine tune your needs.

Not sure if you're getting the best price? We have instituted MAP (minimum advertised price) pricing across all products that retail for $12.00 or more. That means you will not find our products advertised online for anything less than MAP*. Additionally, if you're a long time user of our old site, we now easily accept credits cards and PayPal. Yes, we've upgraded to the year 2018 and now accept credit cards directly from our main site :). Enjoy our site and let us know of any feedback you might have - good or constructive.