3mm to 3.5mm Turnbuckle Trade-Up

For US Customers Only. Sorry to our International Customers :(

     For a limited time, we want your 3mm turnbuckles so we can upgrade you to 3.5mm turnbuckles for just $21 per vehicle plus free shipping (see complete details below).

     Today's 1:10 vehicles have evolved significantly from 10 years ago. The evolution includes stiffer plastics, more rigid designs, relentless power plants coupled with super high bite clay and synthetic surfaces. This evolution is pushing the standard 3mm turnbuckle to it's limits. Our trade-up program is designed to give you confidence in your turnbuckle without breaking the bank. 

Note: 1:10 Tekno RC and Kyosho ball cups will not accept the 3.5mm turnbuckles due to the ball cup design. Our 3.5mm SUPER DUTY Turnbuckles work well with Team Associated, TLR (TLR is already 3.5mm), Yokomo and XRay ball cups. For all others, please inquire and we will do our best to serve you.

What we will accept:
- Any 3mm diameter turnbuckle in exchange for a 3.5mm. Steel, stock, titanium or any aftermarket turnbuckles are accepted. 

Trade-up Cost:
- $3.50 per turnbuckle. Free shipping when you return 6-12 turnbuckles.  5 or less turnbuckles returned is a $3.34 shipping fee. All shipments returned via USPS First Class. 1/8" drill bit and instructions included.

What to do:
- Return any 3mm turnbuckles in a padded envelope or box. If sent in standard envelope we will not be responsible for lost product. Shipping cost to us is your responsibility.
- We will only replace the size turnbuckle you return. If you send us a 3mm x 70mm turnbuckle, you get a 3.5mm x 70mm turnbuckle. In instances where we don't offer the exact length, we will return the next size up, no exceptions or substitutions are accepted. (Click HERE for a list of 3.5mm Turnbuckles)
- We will send you an invoice via your email address once turnbuckles are received. Check spam and junk mail. Once you pay the turnaround time is next business day (We are closed Fridays).
- Return shipping is free if returning 6 or more turnbuckles. If less than 6 turnbuckles, an additional shipping charge of $3.34 will be added to your invoice. 
- All 3.5mm turnbuckles returned retain our 100% Turnbuckle Guarantee
- Include you name, ship to address, email and phone number inside package.

For questions or concerns, please Contact Us

Rod End Resize Instructions:
Increase the inner diameter your rod ends with the supplied 1/8" drill bit. A small cordless drill works best on a slow speed. Use a paper clip or similar item to first measure the depth of the threaded area of the rod end. Use that measurement to mark the drill bit or use a pinion gear to set the depth of the drill bit to ensure you do not drill beyond the existing depth of the rod end.

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