No doubt that the most popular upgrade for your RC is your turnbuckles. Why? Well, because stock turnbuckles are typically made of overseas steel that is inconsistent, has sharp threads that promote shearing under impact, and they are heavy. Let's face it, no one wants to see their suspension dangling from a hard impact when there is a simple, yet very effective solution. 

    Certified USA Grade 5 Titanium is the smart upgrade which is what you are here for. Our turnbuckles feature rolled threads for the preservation of the mating part and they greatly increase shear strength over standard cut threads.

    Titanium has greater anti-corrosion properties than that of stainless steel. It's also 40-45% lighter than steel creating a lower center of gravity and less unsprung weight for greater ground to tire connectivity. 

     If that's not enough, all of our turnbuckles include a 100% guarantee