Titanium Screw Bottom Kit for Hot Bodies D418 (31pcs)

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The Lunsford Screw Touch:
- Grade 5 Titanium is roughly a 45% weight savings over steel. 
- Always and only domestic Grade 5 (Ti-6Al-4V) Titanium
     - Grade 5 fatigue strength is 2x over Grade 2.
     - Grade 5 shear strength is 2x over Grade 2.
     - Grade 5 tensile strength is 2.5x over Grade 2.
     - Grade 5 strength to weight is 2x over Grade 2.
- Anti-corrosion properties are greater than stainless steel. 
- Nano accurate broached head
     - This provides a very accurate tool engagement/fitment with the head of the screw making for worry-free threading and unthreading. The broach is crafted in-house allowing us to give you ultra-consistency from screw to screw during the CNC process.
- Hand-fed thread rolling process 
     - A very smooth, zero tolerance and bur free thread rolling process aids in the preservation of the parts you are threading into.
     - From raw material to the finished product, all of our Grade 5 titanium is born and bred in the USA.
- Designed, developed and crafted right here in Albany, Oregon USA at the Lunsford compound.

Total Screw Kit Weight:
 11.0 grams
What's Included:
Flat Head Screws
3mm x 8mm
7 – Chassis Brace
4 – Front Diff Housing
4 – Rear Diff Housing
2 – Steering Post
3 – Servo Mount

3mm x 10mm
3 – Chassis Brace

3mm x 25mm
8 – Front/Rear Diff Housing