Personally speaking, I have tried several brands that make titanium screw sets for different cars, and their quality, albeit amazed me initially, did not impress me in the long run.

I know Lunsford Racing since the early 2000s and have bought their turnbuckle shafts many a time. It was only last year when I invested in a set of Ti screws for the Arrma Limitless, and the Tamiya TRF420. From the moment I pressed the Allen wrench inside the socket of these masterfully made screws I knew I found the best Ti screws for my models. The grade of metal used here isn't your typical titanium stuff sold in the aftermarket sites. Those cheap quality screws would give up and get their sockets and threads stripping up after a few rebuilds. Even the screws made by famous RC power houses have the same issue. The Lunsford screws have a tight snug fit that doesn't leave room for the hex tip to wobble and make extra unneeded corrosion to both the hex tip and socket of the screw. If you use high quality Allen keys with these screws, I assure you, you're going to have a set far superior to the original steel screws and yet, far lighter, far more bling bling- factor, and more life than any other screws. My only take against them, is their high demanding costs, but you GET what you pay for.

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